berlin fashion week fall winter 2011

and its time for the mercedes benz fashion week in berlin and the fall winter 2011 collections!! please enjoy some images from day one :)

anne sophie for escada

charlotte for lever couture and lala berlin

anna kuchkina and anne v. for escada

lia for lala berlin and anna j. for escada

emilia nawarecka and anastasia kuznetsova for escada

jacqueline for lena hoschek and dimitri

emily senko and anya kazakova for escada

pauline j. for patrick mohr and sheila marques for escada

tanita and regina m. for lena hoschek

eva staudinger and antonia for escada

theresa genth and siri laude for escada

elcee for lena hoschek and escada

isabelle sauer and elena melnik for escada

emma ishta and eugeniya mandzhieva for escada

source: all pics by elle.de and www.mercedes-benzfashionweek.com

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