dawid tomaszewski interview: katharina rembi in the spotlight

model: katharina rembi

Dawid Tomaszewski is a Berlin based fashion designer. He presented his Spring/Summer 2011 collectio at Berlin Fashion Week that the fashion press choosed as the best one last season. Even Anna Wintour commented the collection positively.

-Inspiration and how would you describe your collection?
They are just Tomaszewski. I always have a different main inspiration, last time it has been Richard Serra.

-You are from Poland, studied in London and Berlin, worked in Paris and Tokyo. So what took you to Berlin to open your own label?
Berlin is just like my hometown, all of my friends do life here and it never has been an opportunity for me to go somewhere else.

Pictures of the studio by www.rene-schaller.de

-You worked beside others for Comme des Garcons, Alexis MAbille and were Rei Kawakubo’s assistant designer at Comme des Garçons, you designed a collection for Reebok, what brings you to open your own label?

I always had a vision how woman by Tomaszewski have to look like. Working for a company mainly means not to do what you feel like and what you want to do. When you have your own label you can do a 100 percent of your own style.

-What are your inpirations and how would you describe your work?
I am inspired by a lot of things, architecure, art and photography. My work is just like I want to dress woman.

-The spring summer 2011 collection was very positively commented by Anna Wintour. Can you talk about that?
I am really happy that a lot of chef editors like my work.

-How much have you developed from the beginning of your career until today? How have you been influenced by your studies, and your work at Reebok, Alexis Mabille, Comme des Garcons, ect..?
I always develop my style and i think everything in life changes your thoughts and your ideas.

-Can you please talk about your second line, called Dawid Tomaszewski Studio.
It´s more simple, for the everyday life.

-A few words about what we should expect from your collection next season at Berlin Fashion Week?
It´s going to be great inspired Olafur Eliasson and Nick Veasey.

-What do you think about Fashion in Berlin. and moreover about the future of Fashion in Berlin.
Well I am doing my own thing, fashion is more important in Berlin, the MBFW is getting more and more popular.

-Wich collection did you like most last season at Berlin Fashion Week?
Don´t know, I just know my own one.

-Which advise would you give to someone that wants to do a career in fashion ourdays?
It´s not about glamour, it´s about hard work.

Pictures of the Spring Summer 2011 Collection (Photograph: Michal Martychowiec)

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