feature of the month?

we know it has been a while since we did a "feature of the month" but we would love to direct your attention to the great work of our cooperation partners, blogger friends, agencies, companies and of course our models! so let's start a review over the last 6 months and take a look at a few highlights.

if you do like reading interviews you should check out futuristikmagazine.com and read everything about nadine van kralingen, our lovely model from the netherlands.

when you do want to learn something about our lady-killer max krieger you should click on the boy moments blogspot.

constant models.com readers surely read it already, our features in their category "model of the week" and "daily duo"- , charlotte , christian f. and lennart are the latest newcomers!

"making of" - what would we do without these great opportunities to sneak in any productions of our favourite magazines or campaigns. you can see the making of "vogue gioiello it february 2010" title: "total white total glam by miles aldridge" with our gorgeous girl anne sophie monrad on youtube.

let's not forget our friends from fashion does it better! recently they featured our girls anne peck and isabelle sauer. as they promised "not to stop until we stop updating them", we already do look forward to their next articles!

digital diamonds did a feature on our model eva staudinger and described her career as follows:
"unsurprisingly, as the aesthetical line of modelwerk's development board strikes on its own."

the latst article we would like to mention is coming from "models and style" - MODELWERK meets new york fashion week fall/winter11. if you follow the link you will get more information about anne sophie, aurelia, charlotte, lia, signe, eva staudinger and katharina rembi. great job!

thank you for all these interesting features and please keep up the good work.

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