german madame june 2010: olesya senchenko

german madame june 2010
ph: giovanni zaccagnini
model: olesya senchenko

olesya senchenko + lovely dreamlike location= an amazingly beautiful story in german madame that makes us want to go on holidays right now!!


  1. Hi... Do you guys know the name of the model on whbm summer issue? I'm just curious.. Please leave a comment on this blog or on my twitter page. Thanks a lot guys!

  2. I should have given you the link as well.. I mean White house black market, whbm.com. Here is a screenshot of the model: http://imgur.com/0iSAd As of now she is also on the frontpage of whbm.com.

    Thanks a lot!

  3. do you mean mariya vujovic? :)

  4. God bless you :) If I could take you out for an ice cream I would. Thank you very much.