interview with anne sophie monrad by noirfacade

we are always happy if we find the time to do an interview or a nice feature and we feel honored if we do have the chance to win some new friends for modelwerk and fans of our girls. so we didn't hesitate when noirfacade asked us about an interview with anne sophie monrad.
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"Relatively new to the industry, Anne Sophie Monrad (Modelwerk) has already made quite an impact. This young German vision has appeared in numerous publications including Vogue Italia and Numéro Tokyo, quickly becoming one of Modelwerk's most prized jewels. In this exclusive interview with Noir Façade, Anne Sophie shares a little about herself, including the most adorable, never before seen picture of her."

NOIR FAÇADE: How and when did you first start modeling?
ANNE SOPHIE MONRAD: I started modeling after being discovered in a shopping centre in my hometown, which was in May 2009.

NOIR FAÇADE: Where are you from Anne Sophie? What was your childhood like?
ANNE SOPHIE MONRAD: I grew up near Flensburg, the northernmost city of Germany, really close to Denmark where my father is born. I remember my childhood as a very nice time in the countryside.

NOIR FAÇADE: Is modeling everything you expected it to be?
ANNE SOPHIE MONRAD: No - it’s much busier than I thought it would be - but I like it!

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