i cykel-verkstan: siri tollerod

swedish elle february 2010
ph: andreas sjödin
model: siri tollerod

ok, we might not know what the title of siri's latest editorial means, it being swedish and all, but we just love siri and thought her mischievous look was definitely worth posting!

source: all picsy by thefashionspot.com


  1. Haha, I love it! It's so different from other things she's done! It took me a moment to recognize her. Ah, I love her expressions! I just can't get over how different they are! Go Siri!

  2. Siri is so beautiful! she's so unique and really brings true character to all the pictures she's in. i love how she doesn't always take her self so seriously and isnt afraid to be 'fun' or even be kind of silly (pulling cheeky faces and laughing!!) in front of the camera. (even then she STILL looks breath taking!!) she looks 'real' and she isnt a one trick kind of gal, only able to look poe faced and dead behind the eyes! She's utterly charismatic! I've seen a few clips of her at fashion shows talking back stage (having make up done, clothes changes, or at the after shows etc) and she's so friendly, nice and really good natured and polite, even when, in those situations it must get quite frustrating and hectic at times. She seems like a real sweet-heart who's very much down to earth. she's my favourite model, this girl has all the right qualities! if she wasnt so nice and likeable i'm sure id be jealous!!