hot and new at modelwerk: keke lindgard

you can't but love a young, blond american teenager with the cool nickname keke from a city called ka'a'awa on the island of hawaii. could there be a cooler start into the life of a model?

well maybe if you walk for shows like gucci, dolce&gabbana, rag & bone, louis vuitton, prada and miu miu during your very first season and get voted into coacd's and style.com's top-ten newfaces..... no! hold on... keke lindgard did exactly that! of you go little star :)

source: all runways pics by style.com, polaroids by thefashionspot.com


  1. indeed, I love this girl !

  2. Love this girl...she has a heart of gold. Keke, this Auntie thinks the world of you!