hot and new at modelwerk: cici ali

somalian born canadian cici ali came onto the scene like a thunderbolt. with her incredibly brown eyes, long legs and infectious smile she walked for several shows during her very first season.

source: all runway pics by style.com


  1. The first time I saw her I thought she was Somali, and I was right. She has the typical Somali face.

  2. Yep. Another beautiful Somali model. Her, Obviously Iman and Waris derie, then there are Ubah, Khadra Ahmed Omar, Yasmin Warsame, Ayan Elmi, Fatima Said, Hawa Ahmed, Amira Ahmed, Hodo Muusa, Katja Shchekina (half Somali; she's half Somali but looks white because Somalis have recessive genes), Fayruz Abdiaman and Ayan.

    Somali's certainly have talent for it.