multitudinousness: douglas neitzke is everywhere!

today we just "have to" show you the latest updates of douglas neitzke who will also honour us with his presence during the berlin fashion week, for the second time by the way :).... douglas has already walked for many big designer like fendi, prada or missioni during the fashion week 09 and has been shooting another mag, gq and many others.

currently you can adore douglas in the june issue of japan’s "popeye". douglas’ quirky cardigan-centric editorial was photographed by junji hata and styled by tomoki sukezane. you can also see him in the june issue of "engine magazine".

to give you a little impression about this multifarious guy we are proud to present you a little preview from the ilovefake shoting from last week!

ph: jolijn snijders
web: www.ilovefake.com
make up & hair: aga urbanowicz
styling: matthieu pabiot

source: pics by style.com, thefashionspot

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  1. cool :) just watch his new editorial coming out in METAL in september !!