new kids on the blog - dominik bauer

height: 188 / 6´2"
bust: 100 / 39" 1/2
waist: 80 / 31" 1/2
hips: 90 / 35" 1/2

we first met dominik at the famous "schanze" a trendy district in hamburg. he caught our eye straight away and he couldn't escape from us :) a thought crossed our mind. dominik is the type of guy who belongs to the topmodel skyline soon.

since our new star is born all the big international agencies are on a "dominik-hunt". he is available for the shows in milano and paris.

It's difinitely worth keeping an eye on him.


  1. He says he has advertised for you. At a party in Hamburg he was never.


  2. the pictures are really nice,
    found them on the website of the photographer niklas durynek