fashion does it better: johanna zielinski on mariemaud

our lovely model johanna zielinski just got featured on the mariemaud blog. we absolutely agree with them and would like to share their great article with you....

source: mariemaud.canalblog.com;
"we love her look and love the way it happened. we always love when agencies think of us when they have a red-haired beauty with fresh news. that's how we found johanna (5'9) in our mail box on thursday evening, just before leaving. then it was the 1st of may, we've been to flea markets after tidying up our flat, we've been writing a lot, thinking a lot and back again. with new old boots and tons of idea. the stormy weather doesn't stop people in their rush to the mall, it's a
regular saturday with a few extra lightnings and a fresh wind breaking the heat. quite a strange atmosphere that creates a heavy need to escape from it. let's escape it with johanna's latest pictures from milan. oh, and as we're talking about one of their girl... stay tuned for more modelwerk next week."

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