catching the perfect wave: surfer will tant is in the city!

we did it, he is here in hamburg right now! profisurfer will tant is known all around the globe for his stunning performances and freestyle surfing tricks. on a trip to nicaragua he and his surfing partner were hunting the big waves.

however apart from the beautiful ocean and the waves they soon realized the many negative sides of the country they were in. they visited places of nicaragua were the people have to live under degrading circumstances. now in hamburg, will enchants us with his charm and personality. he just arrived in the agency, and we are convinced that he will not get back to surfing soon, because we are going to keep him busy.

if you want to see some surfing skills on will, or might hear more about the situation in nicaragua check out this video...
help the population in nicaragua: www.mannaproject.com


  1. Will,you have grown into a fine Christian man.Keep up the good work,will remember you and your parents always. A friend..........

  2. Will,

    Did you pose for a new photography, coffee table book coming out? Trying to find it. Heard it was called FACE or something like that?? Do you know where to get it?